IC x Draculita Tenugui Tapestry Print

IC x Draculita Tenugui Tapestry Print



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Knife weilding streamer Susu has brought her very own
undead Vtuber to life! DRACULITA!

This traditional Japanese tenugui functions as a fashion towel or tapestry!

90 x 36 cm


Tenugui are cut off to suit a variety of uses such as:

★ For Use as a Washcloth

★ For Fashion (As Headwear or a Scarf)

★ For Wrapping a Present

★ As A Wall Hanging or a Table Setting

★ For Use as a Book Cover

NOTE: It will fray little by little as you use it, but it will settle down after washing it several times.
Do not pull the frayed thread forcibly, but cut it with scissors.


  • The color may run, so please wash with plenty of water separately from other items
  • Leaving it wet for a long time or drying it with overlapping fabrics may cause color transfer
  • After washing, shape it immediately and dry it in the shade!