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COVID-19 Policies


Thanks for supporting Invasion Club!

Yes, we are continuing to take orders!

But as the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation changes by the day, please bear in the mind the following:

  • We are currently unable to ship to some locations
  • Some shipments may be delayed by several weeks
  • Shipping options may be limited or shipping costs may have increased
  • Please confirm that your country is still accepting shipping from Japan before placing your order!

We can only offer shipping options:


  • Yamato Kuroneko


We offer 2 shipping options - Yamato Kuroneko Transport (air, 1-2 weeks) and EMS Airmail (1-4 weeks).

Please see the table below for the countries we ship to and which services we offer. 

    Andorra EMS
    Austria EMS
    Belgium EMS
    Bhutan EMS
    Bulgaria EMS
    Cambodia EMS
    China EMS
    Cook Islands EMS
    Croatia EMS
    Czech Republic EMS
    Denmark EMS
    Ecuador EMS
    Egypt EMS
    Estonia EMS
    Finland EMS
    France EMS
    Gabon EMS
    Germany EMS
    Ghana EMS
    Great Britain EMS
    Guadeloupe EMS
    Guernsey EMS
    Hong Kong EMS
    Hungary EMS
    Iceland EMS
    Indonesia EMS
    Isle of Man EMS
    Italy EMS
    Ivory Coast EMS
    Jersey EMS
    Kenya EMS
    Latvia EMS
    Lebanon EMS
    Liechtenstein EMS
    Lithuania EMS
    Luxembourg EMS
    Macao EMS
    Madagascar EMS
    Malaysia EMS
    Mauritius EMS
    Mexico EMS
    Monaco EMS
    Myanmar EMS
    Netherlands EMS
    New Zealand EMS
    Nigeria EMS
    Norway EMS
    Panama EMS
    Philippines EMS
    Poland EMS
    Portugal EMS
    Qatar EMS
    Republic of Korea EMS
    San Marino EMS
    Singapore EMS
    Slovenia EMS
    South Africa EMS
    Spain EMS
    Sri Lanka EMS
    Sudan EMS
    Sweden EMS
    Switzerland EMS
    Taiwan EMS
    Tanzania (United Rep.) EMS
    Thailand EMS
    Togo EMS
    Tunisia EMS
    Turkey EMS
    Viet Nam EMS
    Australia KURONEKO
    Chile KURONEKO


    These options are not ideal, but until the world heals, we appreciate your cooperation, patience, and understanding!

    - Invasion Club

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