IC x DRACULITA Bloodbath Set

IC x DRACULITA Bloodbath Set



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Knife weilding streamer Susu has brought her very own
undead Vtuber to life! DRACULITA!
Invasion Club is proud to produce her first merch collaboration!
This exclusive collab is Limited and we're not re-printing them!
After they're sold out, these styles are going back into their graves for all eternity!

  • Full Color Draculita Blood Bath Long T
  • Draculita Bloody Coffin Enamel Pin
  • Draculiate Blood Bath Sticker

Shirt features full color print on front and sleeves, plus Chuunibyou Thumb holes in cuffs, Custom Draculita tags!

Coffin Enamel Pin Flips open to reveal Draculita!

Sticker is fade resistant, and suitable for both indoor and outdoors! 11.1 x 14.9 cm

100% Cotton, 4.2 oz.

Twitch : twitch.tv/susu_jpg
X (ex-Twitter) : x.com/Draculita_jpg?s=20